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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An unlikely Diversion

For the last 48 hours, early in the morning with coffee, midday with lunch or coffee and in the evening for dessert I've been conquering the phenomenon of, don't cringe,
I've been obsessed.
I've completed 3 levels with my ample share of 3 stars.
My jaw has been clenched and my arm muscles are sore from power mousing.
I'm happy to say that I'm through with this game now.
I don't have to go back and re-do games to show that I'm a 3-star only player.
I was a player.
I started the conquest minutes after a certain cute and geeky guy down the hall showed me what he was doing.
I was curious because there were these screeches and nature sounds followed with explosions echoing down the hallway.
"Hmm....I see",
I thought to myself,
"It's that game that the in-people play with their i-phones. Hmmm."
It's available with Google Chrome?
I have that.
"Hey can I have a go at it?"
Reluctantly I had my 'go' without any tutoring
(a sure- fire invitation to fail and then leave him alone).
I failed and quickly left the room and
high tailed it down the hall to my computer to download the game.
It was fun.
I'm done.

While searching for a video to upload I discovered that there are more levels...

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