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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gad About Town

Bare Naked Blog. I have decided to add a blog to compliment my website, I see lots of cool things and meet lots of cool people in my daily travels around the world and town that I think would be very interesting there a verb for reading blogs?

One of my inspirations that I have read every week for years and then have listened to online every week for years is On the Street by Bill Cunningham of the New York Times. He takes pictures of people on the streets of New York and Paris and delivers a very charming narrative on fashion and trends.

Armed with his camera and bicycle, nimble Bill Cunningham has been taking pictures on the street for over 50 years. If he takes a picture of you and you're published in the New York Times it is an honor. He has an eye for trend and fashion. His take on fashion is fresh because he's passionate about it everyday. He is very well known among the ladies of society because he's been taking their pictures for years. I especially love his pictures of the charity tent shows where the ladies wear beautiful hats. Bill is there to take pictures of the most lovely and craziest! He was a milliner before he started snapping pictures. He doesn't just take pictures of society, he takes pictures of every day people going to work, walking in Central Park, you name it...if there is a trend of trench coats or scarves or even the color yellow, Bill is on it.