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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Georgetown Gardens

There is nothing I love more than seeing the creative endeavour of living spaces. As a child, one of the luscious activities my mother would indulge me with was an evening drive through our small town so that I could look at houses (I think this also helped with her little indulgence of Kent menthols). I was in wonderland. Even today I walk my neighborhood, criss-crossing the streets and alleys. Alleys are a voyeur's best friend. I relish the cobbled patios with umbrellaed tables, the pots of interesting combinations of flowers and herbs that I frantically try to memorize and put away. I've been carrying my blackberry around to snap photos of an intricately designed eave detail or an exceptional composition of flora for referral when I'm armchair gardening. So when I finally coordinated my Saturday with a scheduled garden tour, especially one that the whole community of Georgetown was participating in, I thrilled at the invitation to enter front yards, walk along side yards and poke around the back yards of this eclectic Seattle neighborhood.

Some of the pictures I snapped were not officially in the tour.
This artfully decorated heap of sod anointed with Jesus sets the tone for the afternoon.

Buddha...serene as ever.

The snake.

Outdoor living...

Cherub on a window sill.

Composition: Mirror, Rosebush, Pushmower.

Lily is probably one of the oldest residents of Georgetown.
Her yard is a sea of seedums.
I couldn't resist the Carleton Avenue Grocery and stopped in for an ice cream bar.

I spied my friend Rachel in this charming farmette...her daughter Rebecca and her husband nurtured this plot with care.
Beekeeping, chickens, vegetables.
Follow Rebecca's blog: Planes Trains + Vegetables.

I'm a sucker for a red door.

This house is for sale on Flora Street.

The only gnome I saw. He was a miniature little guy the size of my palm...

The feeling of this neighborhood was so nostalgic. I felt that I had gone back in time to 1962. There are other little plums to be discovered in this industrial working town.
Stay tuned.

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