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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Red White + Blue

It's time to iron my red Jokapoika (Farmer) shirt manufactured by Marimekko since 1956.
I've worn this shirt on the 4th of July
since I bought it at Crate & Barrel on Brattle Street
in Harvard Square about 1984.
Marimekko now has their own
store in Harvard Square.
I adore Marimekko.
They are timeless and beautiful products from Finland.
I covet my two brightly striped fabric pouches.
Recently, I was in Tuuli, the Marimekko mecca of Seattle.
I found the limited edition
Marimekko designed Chuck Taylor Converse All-Stars.
They did not have my size.
Boo Hoo.

How can we not be awed by our big white mountain?
When it's clear day you can hear people say,
"look at the mountain".
I love that.
Yesterday it was a magnificent backdrop for a beautiful day of sailing on Puget Sound.

Joni Mitchell.
Need I say more?
I can play this classic album on a continuous loop and
Everytime I hear 'A Case of You',
I swoon.
It's the melody...and then, "...I could drink a case of you".
This is especially poignant since this is our fourth 4th of July,
Ray and I are having a pretty good time.
This song says it all.
To all of you, Have a majestic 4th of July!


a n t o n n i a said...

As of this writing, I have been outbid on:
Marimekko black Unikko Cotton Scarf New.
I bid: 1.50 GBP
HA! No Wonder!!!!

FrenchBlue said...

Dear Antonnia,
Your corner in blogland is special. I enjoy being here with you. Simple. Pure. Real. Thank you for visiting me and for sharing You!