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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trellis Print: It's still going on...

When I read this installment from House of Fifty:
"For years the trellis print has reigned supreme in the world of design. And why not! It is simply a stunning pattern that has been used to e..."
I just had to write about Tech Candy.
Invented by April Mraz and Cherie Stine, these gals have done their research.
They are not only design savvy they are tech savvy.
They know silicon, they know technical specifications, they know trend.
They nailed it.

i-Phone + i-Pad Cases, a cut above.

You need to touch them.
Feel them.
Love them.

1 comment:

vanderleun said...

Enough with the touchy feely stuff! We want more paisley prints!