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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where Art Thou Happy Place?

The sun here in Seattle has started to break up the solid mass of malaise that was crippling my creative thinking. Hibernating indoors and taking cover from the elements outdoors seems to take a toll on my ability to 'lighten up'. I do feel as though I can actually move my eyebrows out of a furrow into an exclamation. ! Oh Gee Whiz Look at THAT! A smirk? A smile?

With the loosening of my facial expression it seems to have reduced the swelling on the part of my brain that controls my creativity. The organization part of my brain was overloaded because it wasn't delegating the tasks to the motivation part of my brain which then creates a traffic jam and nothing to show for all of that thinking. What a relief!

I made the LIST. My list was not willy nilly in my notebook like the last 5 lists scribbled in every direction whenever a thought could get transferred to, I made a list with BULLETS! in a straight line with indentions.

I have been pushing things around and doing all the drudgery of cleaning out closets but not in the usual Martha Stewart way that would have classical music in the background and a vase of peonies to juxtapose with a perfect photograph of a robin's egg blue painted closet with varied shades of creamy colored pottery. No No No. I'm cleaning out the ugly stuff that people throw in closets because they don't know what to do with them. The rummage sale stuff.

I need eye candy. I need stacks of my British Home Mags at the ready for quick shots of inspiration during my work day. I want those peonies on my desk! So. THE LIST.

Once I get the list of beautifying and organized projects out of the way today (ambitious yes I know but remember the sun is the inspiration here) I will be organized and motivated to enjoy the other list. The Other List is the creative project, personal fulfillment, big ideas, fun list that I get to look forward to every day. My happy place.

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Anonymous said...

I have never blogged - this is a new step for me. I always enjoy embracing learning and stepping forward. Loved your blog, it is so you. I too am in the process of cleaning out closets, I have made a master list that is quite impressive hopefully I am up to the tasks at hand. I will keep you posted - Aunt Judy