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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Living etc + Happy Birthday 10 weeks later

Some time ago...10 weeks ago, in horrifying anticipation of my often ignored birthday,
I bit the bullet and subscribed to one of my favorite British Home Mags as a treat for myself.
Yesterday, to my delight, it arrived!
I have flipped quickly through it but my focus is blurred...
Work comes first and I have not had a chance to sit down in perfect surroundings,
with a perfect cup of coffee or a beautiful Manhattan,
Pink Martini on the stereo,
and a guarantee that I will not be interrupted...
I want to savor every page.
Can you relate?


Wendy Dreaney said...

It's always the simplest things that make us the most happy.

Judy said...

Yes I can relate only too well. It is near impossible to get me time, around our home. When the rare moment occurs then it is bliss. A time where my thoughts are my own a time to drift mentally in any direction I wish ---- oh just thinking about it make me happy. Here's to wishing you get your special moment sooner than you think!