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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Do you have your hat? Anita O' Day does!

I have taken to wearing a hat this summer. I walk quite a bit and decided that I'm over 50 and I should get over the fact that I cannot wear hats and go for the shade. I can. I finally found one...some classic french straw number.

The little doodle of hats above was drawn from a snapshot I took in Athens, another hot spot where hats are necessary, especially on raven haired peeps such as myself.

Anita O'Day classes it up with a derby style hat at the Newport Jazz Festival, 1957. Check out the people listening...the hats are ON. I have always adored Anita O' Day. When I was a young impressionable teenager in jazz choir I would just groove on the Anita O'Day arranged tunes. They were always spot on. Then I saw the film documentary film of the 1957 Newport Jazz Festival and there she was. Hats and Jazz. Get your groove on.

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